Grading/Promotion Tests Results

Congratulations to the following ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners:


Pierre Korkomaz – 1/2 Yellow
Andrea Korkomaz – 1/2 Yellow
Marwan Slam – 1/2 Yellow
Marc Milan – 1/2 Yellow
Adam Farhat – 1/2 Green
Samer Baaklini – 1/2 Green
Adonis Assaad – 1/2 Green


Sara Semaan – 1/2 Yellow
Rhea Taktouk – 1/2 Yellow
Achraf – 1/2 Yellow
Andre Tabet – 1/2 Blue
Mandy Semaan – 1/2 Blue
Jocelyne Semaan – 1/2 Red
Serjoun Assaad – Blue
Noura Andrea Nassar – 1/2 Black

And a special thanks to our Master Gaby Abousleiman without whom none of this would be possible.

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