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ITF President Message Christmas 2013

Dear ITF community,

I would like to extend my best wishes for the holiday season to all of you in the company of your families and friends and trust that in the incoming New Year we can strengthen the bonds between all our members.

2013 has been an excellent year.

We had a significant increase in the number of member countries, of practitioners and in the number of certifications, which speaks of a job well done in all fields: tournaments, seminars, conventions, children’s courses and the varied activities that occupied us in the recent years and especially in 2013.

But this is just the beginning, the acceptance as members of TAFISA has opened a new path that will lead us to be integrated into “sport for all”, and we know that this is where our strength lies. Thus, the ITF Taekwon-Do being expressed as a social work will make it necessary for the member countries to make this known to the Sports and Institutional Agencies of their respective Governments, so that our Art-Sport can be increasingly taken into account and included within the official activities.

For this, we must be ready to open a range of possibilities to offer to children, women, adults and people with diminished capacity. For this reason, the ITF is developing the “Harmony” Program, which will be a special project for people over 50 years, aimed, as its name implies, to the harmony through the happy combination of meditation exercises, breathing, stretching, self defense and the adaptation of some patterns with slower motions than the ones we know, so that they can be executed by the elderly.

We have formed a Communications Committee which will be very active through the use of new technologies and the social networks, the ITF will have the tools which will enable it to reconcile and to grow.

Other championships are coming; other challenges and we will overcome all of them by a wide margin because we have come to form a formidable group of Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and Directors with large individual capacities.

Let us simply be aware that within the synergy that has been achieved by working together, the final result is superior to the sum of the individual results!!

Finally, I invite you to take advantage of this moment by analyzing what we individually want for 2014, and what is needed to achieve it. Let us formulate a plan to prevent things happening without our consent in the future and to avoid the mistakes of the past.

I have the belief that a well thought out plan and the will to follow it will allow us to obtain special achievements and ask everyone to include as an important part of your personal plan, our beloved ITF.

I reiterate my best wishes and propose a toast that each time we will be even closer, to understand each other more and to respect our differences and ideas.

With all my affection.

Pablo Trajtenberg


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